After we lost Andrei a number of projects came to mind on how we can preserve his legacy and help spread his ideas about the necessity to advocate human rights in Russia. If you would like to contribute please click on the Donate button below that will take you to a PayPal account.

Film: An important project that will help to keep Andrei’s memory, his work and vital ideas alive, is a film that Alexander Nagovitsyn and Sophia Kayes (nee Nagovitsyna) started making. The project actually began with the footage that Alexander and Andrei filmed together in order to make a film about the Russian opposition and human rights movement. They didn’t have a chance to finish it but over the course of their work together, Alexander filmed Andrei telling about his life’s journey, the GULAG and other experiences that make the foundation of this new film: The Unfinished Interview, that will be dedicated to Andrei. We think it’s a crucial piece of work in terms of preserving Andrei’s original voice and allowing the general public to learn who he really was and what he stood for. The film will be made in Russian with English subtitles.

Book: Dismantling Utopia written by an exceptional journalist and a good friend Scott Shane, features Andrei Mironov as one of its main protagonists. The family, especially those who do not read English, are keen to translate and publish the book in Russian.

Play: Sophia Kayes, a performer and playwright who was edified and inspired by Andrei, is writing a play The Last Perfidy which is set around Andrei and his friends. Andrei planned on coming to London in August 2014 to assist with the writing and give extensive interviews as it was planned as a verbatim piece. Alas, this never came to pass so Sophia is reconstructing the story through interviews with family and friends. She plans to produce the play in London (where she is based) in Summer 2016.

Refugee home: Alexander Mironov, the older of the three brothers, is set on developing a mobile refugee home. Alexander wants to carry on Andrei’s work on the issues of the refugees. Andrei always paid a lot of attention to this problem and helped the refugees, particularly in Chechnya. Alexander, who is also a brilliant engineer, wants to build a model of a refugee home that can be used around the globe in the times of crisis. This is a long-term project but we are committed to helping Alexander because he feels it will help to carry on Andrei’s legacy.